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The list for the autocomplete word search is imported from Wiktionary's dump files that can be found in the Wikimedia Downloads.

Wikimedia generates these files twice a month. Kamus then imports them automatically within 30 hours.

Not all the words in Wiktionary are listed in the autocomplete list. Only words that have a "translation table" are listed. This is to avoid words from another language, or listing words that exist in a language dictionary but are, likely, very incomplete. For example, the English Wiktionary has words that Kamus should not display in the autocomplete when translating from English (e.g. "taula", which is in the English Wiktionary as a translation of the word table in Basque, Catalan, Finish and Occitan).

Summary of the latest imports

Language Imported file creation date Words with a translation
Catalan 2024-07-01 15:07:00 32101
English 2024-07-01 18:58:00 116973
Spanish 2024-07-01 17:46:00 73469

"Words with a translation" are pages on Wiktionary that contain a translation table. This table might be empty (rare) or might have a translation to only a few languages. For example, the translations of idempotent do not currently contain a translation for French. The word "idempotent" will be counted in "words with a translation" but a user translating from English to French will not find a translation (but they will find an English definition).

The actual translations are fetched from Wiktionary when they are needed by Kamus. If the content of the Wiktionary page is updated with a new sense or translation it should be reflected in Kamus straight away.